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Stop sucking up poison! 


Welcome to the Hemp Wick Revolution!

This project was started for my dad. I wanted him to throw away his poisonous lighter and move to something better! Hemp Wick is awesome it is all natural and it is sustainable! The more wick you use the less lighters you use! Once you start using hemp wick you will never go back to using a normal lighter again!

You might not even notice a difference at first, but as soon as you light up with a lighter the difference will be obvious.

Here we want to bring you the best hemp wick on the planet. You can visit our store here. QW Shop

We sell 10, 20, 50 and 200 foot lengths.


We are also in the development phases to bring you a really cool product to make hemp wick even better! The second prototype is in the works and these things take time!

In the next few weeks we are trying to gather as many fans and customers as possible! In order to get this invention funded we are going to be posting a funding campaign to kickstarter.com! If you “pledge” money we will “give” you a Quik Wick for the pledge. Kickstarter.com is backed by Amazon.com! Inventing something costs a lot and we appreciate all of your support. Join our mailing list for more details on the kickstarter campaign!


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The brand new Hemp Wick Dispenser Shop is also up! Go there for sweet glass hemp wick holders, they all come with 10 feet of free wick!


What is hemp wick?

– Hemp Wick is organic hemp rope coated in a fine organic beeswax and it is a 100% safe and natural alternative to butane and naphtha fueled lighters.

– Hemp wick is according to IgniteMe.co,

A must accessory for the smoking connoisseur, this tasteless and odorless wick lets 100% of the flavor through


Why would I need a Quik Wick?

– Hemp wick can be a little irritating after a while if you don’t have all day to mess around cutting, winding, and trying to find the “right” place to put your hemp wick for convenience.

– Quik Wick provides a way to regulate the flame size and also dowse the flame without it smoking like a birthday cake.

– Don’t you hate burning your fingers trying to keep the flame burning on your lighter? This isn’t even an issue with Quik Wick! No more burnt fingers!


Quik Wick vs wrapping it around my lighter ?

– Wrapping the rope around your lighter is convenient but when you think of all the places your lighter could end up and how many random hairs and dirt particles that can get stuck to the beeswax, it doesn’t sound fun. Here at Quik Wick we found that the flame does not stay a consistent size or maintain the same range of intensity with hemp wick alone. The Quik Wick fixes all these issues.

Please visit around the site and feel free to ask us questions.
Best Regards, the Quik Wick team.

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